Light emitting diodes, the light of the future – now even in hotels

05. April 2019
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Baulmann Leuchten is expanding its LED range with new product series.

Light bulbs have been considered a phase-out model for a long time. An EU-guideline, which will come into effect from 1st of September 2009 onwards will see a gradual phasing out of inefficient lights from the shop floor by 2016. The market still views halogen lamps and energy-saving lamps in particular as the current alternative. The future of the lighting sector, however, belongs to LED technology. Baulmann Leuchten, trendsetter in the future lighting market, recognised this a number of years ago and has consistently further developed its know-how over the years. 

LEDs are characterised by extremely high-energy efficiency – outstanding light output whilst using comparatively little power. Furthermore they present other radical advantages: you can achieve a beam angle of between 6 and 30 degrees with these almost maintenance free lamps, which turns these diodes – from narrow beam to flood - into increasingly flexible lighting mediums. The radiant heat is also comparatively low, the durability of ca 50.000 hours exceptionally high, which in turn lowers the disposal costs. At the end of the day the additional cost invested into LED lighting generally amortises itself through the comparatively low operation and maintenance charges in less than a year. 

The fact that light emitting diodes are now on offer in natural light (3.000 to 4.000 Kelvin) is an essential breakthrough for this trendsetting technology. Accordingly this seemingly cold LED light has now become socially acceptable as an atmospheric light in the living room and is therefore predestined for its deployment in hotels and restaurants. In particular the low maintenance costs to the operator pay for themselves. 

A range of LED innovations by Baulmann presents functional as well as perfectly designed solutions with the highest technical standards for a wide range of use: The feasibility of achieving the overall spectrum of light with LED has been brought to perfection in the development of colour-changing light as part of the product series e-ray® by the Manufacturer based in Sundern. The hotel hallway gains considerably with these atmospheric and attractive LED lights, made by Baulmann, that point out the respective room number to the guest. Slender floor and table lamps with pivoting light heads provide distinguished natural light at the desk in the hotel room. In addition to Baulmann’s current innovations, there are the decorative lights with shades and additional LED reading light that combine atmospheric and functional lighting. Discreet reading lamps from the Sundern production, whose pivots or flex tube are individually adjustable according to the design provides optimal glare-free light at the guest’s bed. Last but not least there are built-in lights in the smallest possible format that present the designer or architect with a completely new scope for design. Integrated into the case plinth or into the ceiling, they create effective light-bands that earn their merits by providing atmosphere and an orientation guide at the same time.

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Standing lamps, table lamps and wall lamps, with and without reading lamp, part of Baulmann’s newest LED product series feature atmospheric and functional lighting in complete design for the hotel room.  


Baulmann’s LED room number lights provide orientation and an agreeable ambience in the hallway of the hotel. 


Baulmann’s discreet LED reading lights provide an optimal glare-free light, thanks to their flex tube or adjustable pivot. 

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