Brand new: relaunch of Baulmann Leuchten website

02. May 2019

Baulmann Leuchten presents the new Corporate Design on a brand new website, optimized especially for mobile devices. The striking welcome page reveals the new company logo, which has been transferred into an elegant and contemporary design, and leads to the new Baulmann Leuchten experience.

Scrolling down the welcome page the user will find a selection of the most recent product developments of Baulmann Leuchten and a simple click on any of these products leads to a separate page with a large product image and all technical information, such as article-number, dimensions, lamp options, etc.

Further down the welcome page a variety of recently supplied projects invites the user to explore the project works of Baulmann Leuchten.

Leading to the desired information with only a few clicks!

The layout of the new website has been optimized for mobile devices with a reader-friendly and well-arranged structure. The combination of colour, typography and new company logo reflects the modernization of the Corporate Design.

The main objective of the new website is “…finding the desired information with only a few clicks ….” says Alexander Baulmann, managing director of Baulmann Leuchten. 

Alexander Baulmann (4th. generation) took over the family business in 2013 and put a lot of efforts into the digitalization of the company. Following the production departments and the administration, which are almost completely digitalized, the marketing and sales departments are now pushing to spread the digital presence of the company. 

The process of digitalisation!

Even though printed catalogues are still an important marketing tool, the demand for digital contents and literature increases constantly and will replace printed media in the long run. According to Alexander Baulmann, the company will follow the process of digitalisation step by step, to keep on providing architects and clients with up to date media and information.