Hörnum, Germany

The Budersand Hotel Golf & Spa, Sylt

The Budersand Hotel Golf & Spa is located at the southern tip of the island in the North Sea on a 180 acre property. It consists of the luxurious, privately run Budersand Hotel, the Golfclub Budersand Sylt and the Strönholt restaurant. The highly exclusive hotel offers 79 rooms and suites to satisfy top guests since its opening in May 2009.

Jan Wichers the interior designer used his great yearlong experience in designing exclusive locations to create the theme: "less is more - reduction to the relevant instead of optical overload". Jan Wichers found a design which through the use of wide space, fresh and friendly colors, selected unique objects and top class natural fabrics created a sense of relaxation and silence within the rooms and bathrooms. In the bathrooms he chose premium mirror illumination to maximize the effects of spacious design and truly represent the color effects. Jan Wichers relied on his experience and equipped lamps produced exclusively by Baulmann Leuchten, Sundern.